Little Beach

Little & Big Beach

Little Beach on Maui, Hawaii ranks among the most beautiful nude beaches in the world.   Also known as, Little Makena Beach, it snuggles against the western base of Pu'u Olai, a 360 foot high cinder cone which can be seen for miles along the leeward coast.   The beach is a belt of fine amber sand, only 430 feet long.  It is buttressed at each end by lava rocks.  Click on the images for a closer look.


Status -

Christian missionaries have insured that some Hawaiians are as prudish as mainland fundamentalist bible thumpers.  Until a recent Hawaii Supreme Court decision, nudity was considered illegal on all Hawaiian beaches.  Unfortunately, the court decision is open to alternative interpretations and the legal status of nude beaches in Hawaii is unclear.   Fortunately, secular tolerance has prevailed and the historic prohibition against nudity has not been enforced at Little Beach since the 1980's.


Geodetic Coordinates -

 20 38' 07"  North Latitude   (20.6353)
156 27' 07"  West Longitude  (156.4519)


Directions -

Located on the southwest leeward side of Maui, Little Beach is in the Makena State Park. 

From north Kihei (KEE' hay) take the Pi'ilani Hwy (Hawaii Route 31) south to its end in Wailea.  You will be forced to turn right onto Wailea Iki Drive.  Go 0.9 mile and turn left at the traffic light onto Wailea Alanui.  Go 4 miles south to the Makena State Park. 

Map to Little Beach
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As you drive Wailea Alanui will change name to Makena Alanui.   A mile past the Maui Prince Hotel, look for Emergency Telephone #17 on the left. Turn right into the Makena State Park.  Parking is limited.  Park in the lot or along the access road.

Do not leave anything of value in your car!  Not even in the trunk!  While most people lock their cars, some leave them unlocked in the hope that thieves will not break a window to check out the empty car.

Walk west along the path (continuing the same direction as you drove into the park) to Big Beach.  At the beach, go north (right) to the end of Big Beach and climb over the 30 foot high lava flow trail and down the other side to Little Beach.  The Big Beach side of the lava flow trail is a somewhat difficult climb requiring the use of at least one free hand.  The distance from the parking lot to Little Beach is a little less that mile.

Little & Big Beach
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What to Bring -

The climb over the lava flow will cause you to want to have at least one hand free.  A backpack is suggested.  There are virtually no amenities on Little Beach.  Be sure to bring drinking water.


  • Water
  • Sunblock
  • Towel and/or blanket
  • Sunglasses
  • Footwear for the hot parking lot pavement and the climb over the rough lava flow (although many people go barefoot)

Nice to have along:

  • Reading material
  • Lunch
  • Walkman
  • Cell phone
  • Watch
  • Sun umbrella
  • Beach chair


Notes -

  • Although possibly illegal, there appears to be no problem with nudity on Little Beach as of this writing.  Observe the crowd and/or check with locals for current status.
  • There are trash cans at the parking lot.
  • There are portable toilets on Big Beach where the path from the parking lot enters the beach.
  • The climb over the lava flow between Big and Little Beach may be difficult for some people.  Be sure to have at least one hand free to secure handholds.
  • Although people with tough feet may not need footware to climb over the lava flow, the pavement in the parking lot can become VERY hot, especially in the summer.
  • The Hawaiian Sun can be VERY intense.  Use sun block protection appropriate for your skin color.
  • There are no amenities on Little Beach.  Be sure to bring drinking water.
  • Although surprisingly homogenous, gays tend to congregate at the north (far) end and straights at the south (near) end of Little Beach.
  • The sand is very fine and sticks readily to wet or oiled skin.   A towel, blanket, mat or chair will make for a more comfortable visit.

Pictures -

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Maui Prince Hotel
One mile to Makena State Park
Pu'u Olai
Little Beach is on other side of Pu'u Olai
Access Road
Access road to the Park's parking lot
Parking Lot
Parking lot
Beach Path
Path to Big Beach is straight ahead
Entrance to Big Beach
Entrance to Big Beach
Lave Flow
Big Beach looking north
Lava Flow
Approaching the lava flow
Over the Lava Flow
Trail over the lava flow
Climbing the Lava Flow
The trail is steep
Climbing the Lava Flow
Some climbing is required
Nude Len on Little Beach
Len on Little Beach

20030620 - Little Beach Panorama
260 Panoramic View of Little Beach from the northern side
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Carry In - Carry Out.    Please Don't Litter.

There are trash cans at the parking lot.

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