Coordinates of Selected Nude Places


Black's Beach,
La Jolla, California
32.8785 -117.2514 beach
Devil's Slide
Pacifica, California
37.5638 -122.5140 beach
Haulover Beach,
N Miami Beach,  Florida
25.9202  -80.1213 beach
Herring Cove,
Provincetown, Massachusetts
42.0299  -70.2063 beach
Land's End Beach,
San Francisco, California
37.7877 -122.5056 beach
Little Beach,
, Hawaii
20.6353 -156.4519 beach
Paco's Paradise Resort,
Jalisco, Mexico
20.5062 -105.3859 beach resort
Playita, Manual Antonio,
Costa Rica
 9.3969  -84.1642 beach
San Gregorio, California
(not the state park)
37.3320 -122.4026 beach
Wreck Beach,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
49.2610 -123.2620 beach

Latitude and Longitude are expressed in decimal degrees.
Latitude:  positive value = North;  negative value = South.
Longitude:  positive value = East;  negative value = West.

To insert coordinates into Google Earth, select (ie. highlight) the Latitude & Longitude and copy them to your clipboard.  Then paste them into Google Earth's "Fly To" box and click "Search".

If you have coordinates for other nude places that you would like to share, please forward them to NakedPlaces at   Also, if you find errors in the above, please let me know.

Thanks, Len

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